HBM graders are provided by FULL Maszyny Budowlane more than 15 years. During this time our company has partnered with many major clients in Poland, selling more than 100 road graders. All devices sold are covered by support service (warranty and post-warranty) managed directly by the Full`s services  throughout the Poland.

HBM is a global leader in the manufacture of the graders. The company was formed from the merger of two plants: HBM (Halle) and Nobas (Nordhausen). Both companies have a long tradition of mechanical engineering. Since 1931 in Nordhausen they were first manufactured tractors and excavators, which were produced until 1990 in the framework of the economic plan of the then German Democratic Republic. At this time in Halle, in the years 1956-1990 were produced by HBM graders. In 1993, both companies passed into private hands Günter Papenburg AG, and a year later were combined in HBM GmbH.




Strabag has been cooperating with FULL for over a dozen years in the field of buying and selling construction machines. In recent years, we have bought several dozens of the HBM and O&K graders in FULL Maszyny Budowlane. All machines were delivered on time, in accordance with the terms of the contracts.

All aspects of cooperation allow us to recommend FULL Maszyny Budowlane sp z oo as a good and reliable trading partner.